About SpotEv

Our goal is to make people live, learn and discover the world through culture, its artists and cultural events. Embrace the discovery!

How did SpotEv come about?

Fairly easily and naturally to be honest! We are from Montreal a creative city at many levels. Montreal is a great place, for cultural events of all kinds, when you know when and where they are happening!

Montreal we thought needed some assistance to promote the hidden secrets and gems of this great city. We wanted to utilize technology to simplify people’s life in finding their desired cultural events when and where they wanted. We came to realize, not only one city should benefit of this, especially when travelling.

One thing the team has in common and we never argue on this, we are cultural event enthusiasts and passionate and we love to travel.

We created SpotEv for the world!

Our Mission

SpotEv was created with the goal of promoting urban living and discovery. SpotEv is bringing cultural event search to another level in order to cut through this fragmented business by making events localization easy and simple and be a one stop shopping spot experience giving users access to a wide range of cultural events, when and in cities they want.

SpotEv will have the ability of suggesting events to users based on their preferences and behaviors. Thus, SpotEv becoming the Match Making Buddy of Cultural events.

Behind SpotEv

Colin Hendry

Founder & CEO

Vini Malavolta

Co-founder & CTO

Ankita Purohit

Social media Marketing Coordinator

Marie-Pier Brossard

UI/UX Designer

Gabi Moura

Frontend Developer

Katiany Zimmermann

Backend Developer

Roberta Schultz

UI/UX Designer

Magdalena Moskwa

Brand Ambassador