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Our goal is to make people live, learn and discover their surroundings through culture, its artists and cultural events. Embrace the discovery!

Our Mission

SpotEv is more than events!
It’s a gateway in discovering regions, cities, neighborhoods, their residents...

Our Values

Evolution, Action, Empathy...

Our Vision

To create interactions for people to live, learn and discover the world through the arts & Culture, its artists...

Our Culture

The creation of a learning organization culture with the purpose of strengthening a collaborative and (intra) entrepreneurial...

Why not group all the cultural events of a city in one place to simplify the search for events
It was this reflection that prompted Colin D. Hendry, backpacker, culture enthusiast and self-taught geek to embark on the SpotEv adventure. Indeed, during his various trips, he found that it is not easy to discover the local cultural scenes, because only well-known events are publicized. Even more, he realized, once back in Montreal that the same observation applies and that no website did justice to the cultural richness of the metropolis by bringing together all the themes around art.

The Spotev Team

Today, SpotEv is a company from the Montreal ecosystem that develops innovative technological solutions, taking advantage of the events sector for cultural tourism players.

We continue to grow, develop partnerships and create new services to make it even easier for you to find events, because we are convinced that culture is the best gateway to discovering cities and regions.

We have therefore innovated with Spot&Go, a contactless service thanks to the recommendations of a vocal chatbot and a progressive web application which does not require a download and is available on all types of digital devices and whose content is found on various search engines.

SpotEv is created with the participation and partnership of AWS tools and services.
SpotEv proud partner of AWS - Amazon.

SpotEv is proud to be a tourism specialist company of Iceland

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We truly believe that arts and culture are a great gateway to discovering a city, district or region. We must be inspired by this. It is also a great ice breaker in communication between individuals.

Arts & culture play an immense role in tourism of a region or country and the growth of the local economies. It also plays on education, openness, creativity and better understanding between people. Arts & culture is an expression and communication tool that resonates with all.

We understood more than ever the importance of using technologies properly in... read more …

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