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Our goal is to make people live, learn and discover the world through culture, its artists and cultural events. Embrace the discovery!

Our story

Colin, founder of SpotEv has always been passionate about culture, travel, and technology.

While living in Vietnam, after a long day of work, he was trying to look to discover the local cultural life. Although searching on the Internet, it wasn't that easy find culture and art events around. Just a few big gigs here and there, but nothing about the local "gems".

The idea of putting in one place all cultural events of a city and simplifying the search came out. Returning to Montreal, that idea remained and sprang up. He realized that the problem also was happenig there: it was tough to discover the city's cultural richness and no website grouped all the tastes of art, such as music, dance, festivals, museums, and so on in one place

Colin met Vini, a tech specialist and also an art enthusiast. Together, they created SpotEv and since then, the team expanded and incubators believed in this beautiful project (Founder Institute, Centech, MT Lab).

Nowadays, we continue to grow, developing partnerships and creating new products to simplify everyone's search for cultural events.

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