About SpotEv – General Information

Why was SpotEv created?

- SpotEv was formed, with the intention of using technology to simplify people’s life, by creating a cross-platform for cultural event searches.

- We wanted to increase visibility of Cultural events and to facilitate the search of these Cultural events in an intuitive manner.

What a better business than to bring smiles and a feeling of revelry (joy/happiness) to people. This is how we see this business, helping people find Cultural events in the city of their choice, while making them discover new artists, people, places and the social attributes people like to have. When going to a cultural event, people are all there for the same reasons, fun and discovery.

What is a cultural event?

- A cultural event in a vulgar way is a happening, a gathering. Cultural events touch; museums, art exhibits, expositions, theaters, literature, urban art circuits, music shows all of all types, festivals, circus, films, digital art, etc. We think you get the picture?

- We can go as far as to say a few sporting events could be considered cultural events by their nature and the cultural attraction they bring, ie: Boston marathon, Mtl F1 circus.

SpotEv’s community

- Our community are people from all origins with a common characteristic; enthusiast, fans, admirers and lovers of culture and cultural activities.

SpotEv’s Blog

- Our team try to keep you up to date with, what is happening on the cultural event scene. We are not perfect, even if we try hard, we may miss something!

IF, such is the case write to us and send us your content at; In the subject line write Blog content, the Title, within your email tell us who you are; name, city and email address.

It will be our honor to post your article and give you the benefit of having written the content.

We could, even throw in a pair of tickets to one of your preferred cultural event?

Vision and Mission of SpotEv

SpotEv, making people live, learn and discover the world trough culture, its artists and cultural events.

Go and discover the world!

- SpotEv was created with a goal, promoting urban living and discovery of regions. SpotEv is bringing cultural event search to another level in order to cut through this fragmented business by making events localization easy and simple.

- We want to be a one stop shopping spot experience giving users access to a wide range of cultural events, when and cities they want with ticket reservation / purchase possibility in only a few clicks.

- (TO COME) SpotEv also has the ability of suggesting events to the users based on their preferences and behaviors. Thus, SpotEv will become your buddy matching you with Cultural events.

SpotEv is available in which languages?

- At present time end 2016 SpotEv is available in English and French only. We will be adding other languages as we go such as; Spanish, etc.

** It should be noted that each cultural event description is in its original language. We’re working to make the translation automated when capturing details of events.

Is SpotEv available everywhere?

- Yes, for viewing!

- We do not show events from everywhere at this point. We are growing; in a very near future we will show events near you. For now we touch only a few key cities and their surroundings in North America and Europe.

Who’s behind SpotEv?

- We are Cultural event enthusiasts, ex workers of this industry and lovers of urban living. Something was missing! We could not find what was happening around us at all times or at given period.

- The Creative Horde - SpotEv was formed in 2015 with the intention of using technology to simplify people’s life.

We decided to help people in the same situation as us, trying to find their desired events when and where they wanted.

Do you use cookies and why?

- We use our own cookies and third-party cookies to enhance your browsing experience and provide content that fits your interests. For more information, see our Privacy policies and the Cookies section.


Where can we follow SpotEv?

- We have a presence on many Social Media sites. Our news, blog and upcoming events are sent out to the majority of our social media sites. This to increase visibility for Cultural events and create more talk about the events.

- We have many social network accounts. We do focus more of our advertising activities for the events on a few higher traffic sites, such as:

- Instagram

- Facebook

- Twitter

- LinkedIn

- Tumblr

- YouTube

Protection of my personal information

- We do use encryption functions to protect each transaction. We do not store any data on our servers or keep any credit card number. No system is 100% protection proof. We do try to keep the highest standards and work only with partners and affiliates that have the same mind-set in protecting the user’s information.

- Your personal information WILL NOT be sold or given to any third party.

Only SpotEv – The Creative Horde have access to this information for the platform’s use.

Can I make special request from event promoters? “I am disabled”

- We are currently working on a complete integration of parameters in order to respond more easily to these possible situations so that all can benefit from the events that we propose!

- Please note, accessible space may not be available in all sections, locations and the number of available spaces may be limited.

- From our affiliate ticketing providers, different policies and systems are put in place to answer these inquiries.

Please find below the links of our partners' websites in this regard:

o SpotEv: (Service available end 2017)

o For Ticketmaster, follow this link Accessibility to event

o Ticketfly: Support Page

o Le Point de Vente: Contact us

What payment options are offered?

- Actually, regarding the ticket payment option requirements of our partners and affiliates. These may vary from one to another.

- As for SpotEv’s ticketing systems and payment options, we accept, Visa and Master Card only.

We are working to gain other payment options, Interact, American express, Dinner’s Club.

What if I make an error on my ticket purchase?

- We will try to be as human and fair as possible, depending of the error. Please contact us at: or 1(855) 531-0123 customer service.

I have not received my ticket(s)?

- What was the delivery method?

- Crazy question! Did you check your SPAM/Junk mail inbox?

- If not there, send us your ticket confirmation purchase number, method of purchase or any relevant information that will help us retrace your purchase.

- Do not worry we will give this situation all our attention and efforts to make certain you are at the event.

Please contact us at: or 1(855) 531-0123 customer service.

Can I receive my tickets to an address that differs from my credit card billing address?

- The answer is unfortunately, NO!

- This to protect from fraudulent behaviors.

Is “PAYPASS” available?

- With some of our affiliate programs, Yes it is.

- We are presently working on the SpotEv “Paypass” option for our ticketing system.

Can I have a refund or exchange on a purchased ticket, passport and/or other type?

- We are not able to refund, exchange the tickets purchased. SpotEv acts as an agent to display cultural events and sell tickets for the event promoter with guidelines and policies set forth by our clients; including venues, theaters, museums, exposition halls and promotional teams generally prohibiting SpotEv and its affiliate companies from issuing refunds or exchanges after a ticket purchase or for lost, stolen, damaged/destroyed tickets.

- Tickets will be refunded if the cultural event has been cancelled by promoter and only if you purchased the ticket through SpotEv and/or its affiliates under the affiliates refund policies. SpotEv will refund the full amount paid for the sold ticket if the cultural event was cancelled, you will NOT receive a refund for any service or delivery fees.

I can no longer go to the event; can I resell my ticket(s)?

Unfortunate, we are sure it would have been a great event.

- No worries! You can resell the ticket to a friend or someone. WE SUGGEST YOU TO OPTE FOR THIS SOLUTION.

Do you sell last minute ticket deals?

- We are in the process of creating the last minute deals for the unsold tickets or people not able to attend the events and wanting to sell their tickets at the last minute.

- You should find great deals for super cultural event to attend soon.

How do I sign-up?

- Nothing easier, click on the sign-up tab, enter your name, email address and you city, etc.

- Hey! Since you’re sign-up. Tell us of your preferred type of cultural events. We will better target your desired events.

- Leave a comment; tell us of the best cultural event you went to or the best venue you know.

What are the benefits of signing-up?

- We could tell you the best benefit is to be able to speak with us, ah!ah!ah!

- The benefits are;

o The Match Making Buddy, being able to suggest events based on your preferences.

o Being able to let you know of new events and news of interest.

o We will be able to inform you of special events and Specials that could be a gift by offering you FREE tickets?

o Give you the chance to benefit on rebates and other special promotions.

o Be the first to be informed of last minute deals on cultural events. Rebates, up to 40% off regular price.

o We want you to have fun and enjoy what is happening around you, this is our way to keep in touch with you and you with us and the event promoters, who knows maybe even with artists!

o We are growing, SpotEv will showcase more and more events in your area or a place where you are going soon or already visiting now.

How can I change my password?

- On your profile page, go to settings. In setting go to password and change it.

- You can make a request from the login page by clicking “lost your password” and an email will sent to you with a link to initialize new password.

What is the Match Making Buddy? (Coming end 2017)

- SpotEv will be able to suggest to you, based on your preferences, your habits, events that will match your tastes. Soon, you’ll have no need to search for events; they will come to you, thus calling it, the Match Making Buddy of Cultural Events. If you want to search, no problem, you may discover new things and we’ll remember to suggest these types of events to you in the future. SpotEv is your Buddy for you to enjoy the best Cultural events.

How does the events suggestion feature work? (To come end 2017)

- The event suggestion feature called the Match Making Buddy!

- The Buddy, will evolve with you and based on you preferences and what you do, SpotEv will suggest event to you, wherever you are, according to your taste.

Can I have reminders for upcoming events? (Coming end 2017)

- Yes, you can!

- Two ways can be used;

o A specific event ie: U2 coming to N-Y and receive a notification if they come to N-Y

o Or you can receive a notification for any upcoming event touching, let’s say “Jazz” in a given area.

Both ways can have a time period (month of July or a few months) chosen and a daily, weekly or monthly notification to be sent to you via email, SMS.

Can I invite friends?

- Of course! What is better than going to a cultural? Well going with friends and being social 

- You’ll find the option share or invite a friend beside the event description. Also when purchasing a ticket with the SpotEv ticketing system we will give you the opportunity of inviting friends and/or even buying tickets for them to the event.

Event promoters

Can events be featured?

- Of course they can be featured.

A featured event may have a cost associated to it depending on the type of feature you require from SpotEv. Ie: Geolocalised, age group to target, duration of feature, etc.

Where are the events seen?

- On SpotEv’s multi-platform and all its affiliates and partner sites.

- Events will be seen on a multitude of social networks.

- Depending of the type of cultural event it will be propelled on different social network. Ie: if touches younger people we put more emphasis on “Tumbl’r” versus “LinkedIn”.

How much does it cost to display our event(s) on SpotEv?

- Quick answer, NOTHING forever NOTHING!

We want people to know of your event(s). It is important for people to have a wide range of events to choose from.

What is the payment delay from SpotEv?

- After the event date we require 10 to 15 days to make transfers to your bank account for the ticket sales value. If we have to post a check calculate the delivery period.

Why is there a delay to receive our payment?

- The reason is simple. Firstly, we wait until the event date, making sure the event has taken place.

- Secondly, in case of some refunds are in process.

- Lastly to make sure all attendees have been satisfied and no charge backs are to take place and 10 to 15 business days, does give enough time to make all assessments of the event.

What kind of events can be displayed on SpotEv?

- All type and size of cultural events.

- We will not permit racially directed events to be displayed. If by error one was displayed and we see it. It will be immediately removed and the event promoter warned.

- All sexually explicit events will not be permitted. We are not a peepshow or an advertising platform for pornography.

What are the service fees for tickets sold by SpotEv?

- They may vary from one event to another. Rest assured we are very fair. Contact us at: or check our tariff chart at: (To come soon)

How does it work if we want to sell our tickets with SpotEv?

Simple, let us know. We’ll get you started easily. See instruction …(soon to be available)

How does it work to use your ticketing and payment services?

- You do not have or you want to change your ticketing or payment system provider. Let us know and we will gladly assist you in creating an account.

- You will have to let us know:

o Numbers of tickets to be sold;

o Price range of tickets;

o Attendance that you can accept;

o Start date of ticket sale; are you giving perks for early bird purchases?

o Is your event a general admission;

o *if your event is a dedicated seat event, see section for the procedures…..

o Do you have recurring events at this venue;

I do not have a website or API’s and RSS Feeds, what can be done?

- No problem contact us, it will be our pleasure to help you and ensure visibility deployment of your cultural events

How can we create a client account?

- Contact us via email at or via phone 1(855) 531-0123 technical support.

- At the same time tell us a little about who you are and what you do, how many events a year do you do, etc.

- Let us know of your needs and type of participants you are looking for at your event(s).

My venue is not in a big urban area, is this a problem?

- Of course not! We will be happy to have people discover your event and area.

My venue holds a maximum of 50 people, is it a problem?

- Of course not! In small packages we can find great things. We do not care of the size of the venue or event. We care of showing what you do to the world.

Does SpotEv have their own payment and ticketing system?

- Yes we do! Give us a try, see instruction … (soon to be available)

Can I sell my tickets using SpotEv’s platform?

- Certainly, we can sell your tickets, which touch the cultural event industry. Let us know your requirements. See instructions (Coming soon)

Can we make targeted campaigns for our events?

- Yes, SpotEv can help in making targeted campaigns. You’ll need to contact our marketing/communication team at;

- We can discuss your needs, your goals, the targeted segment, localization and market you want to touch.

Can multiple events be entered for various dates and/or venues?

- Of course you can have as many events as you want.

- For the small venues entering events by hand you can also enter as many events as you want.

- TO BE NOTED AND REMEMBER; you [venue and/or organiser] is responsible for your events data entered and if cancelled it comes back to you to remove the event from SpotEv.

SpotEv will not be held responsible in any way, shape or form, for inaccurate or misleading information entered by you or information gathered via automated procedures from [venue and/or organiser].

Can we promote our event(s) on SpotEv?

- We can certainly promote your event.

- What are your requirements and needs?

- What kind of promotion would you like to do?

- Duration of event promotion?

Can I have a double verification security for our banking information?

- Yes you can, you have the ability to make the choice of double verification.

Can I follow the ticket sales?

- Yes! You will have dashboard to follow sales and know what works and don’t.

What kind of event can be displayed on SpotEv?

- Any type of events! As long as they are cultural events.

- Pornographic, racial, or aimed towards hatred will not be accepted or will be deleted.


Can all kind of events be featured?

- No! Only cultural events can be featured on SpotEv.

Where are the events seen?

- On SpotEv’s multi-platform and all its affiliates and partner sites.

- Events will be seen on a multitude of social networks.

- Depending of the type of cultural event it will be propelled on different social network. Ie: if touches younger people we put more emphasis on “Tumbl’r” versus “LinkedIn”.

Can events be shown more than once?

- The same event can only be shown once on SpotEv on a given date and venue.

- If the event is a recurring event then, yes, the event will be displayed again for the new given date.

Can we promote our event(s) on SpotEv?

- Yes you can. Contact us to talk of your needs and goals you want to achieve.

Can I display my very small and/or a very big event on Spotev?

- We can display events of any size. All you need is at least 3 people to make it a crowd or an event. 

Should you have any questions and did not find the answers above. Let us know, email us your question: . It will be our pleasure to answer you and insert the question within the FAQ page for future inquiries.

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