"Begin the Beguine" -- Drive-In Theater

12 June 2021 20:00 PM
The Oakland Theater at FLAX art & design 1501 Martin Luther King Jr Way Oakland CA
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Experience never-before-produced theatrical work of the prolific filmmaker and playwright Kathleen Collins with the world premiere of Begin the Beguine: A Quartet of One-Acts — co-directed by Dawn L. Troupe and Michael Socrates Moran. Kathleen Collins’ work is complex and striking, gentle and revelatory, powerful and resonant. Collins’ work as a Black filmmaker, writer and playwright in the 1970s and ’80s was largely under-recognized during her lifetime. “Collins was, foremost, an artist and an interpreter of the striated psyche,” wrote Vinson Cunningham in The New Yorker. “Her most striking characters are black women of a creative or intellectual bent—writers, dancers, designers, professors—whose quotidian struggles with marriage, motherhood, and work take on cosmic proportions.” Begin the Beguine: A Quartet of One-Acts is comprised of four one-act plays (The Rememberance, The Reading, Begin the Beguine, and The Healing). In addition to co-directing, Dawn L. Troupe, will be playing the central roles in all four one-acts. The cast also includes Margherita Ventura, Benoît Monin, Kimberly Daniels, and Leon Jones. “Kathleen Collin’s Begin the Beguine explores the wonderful psychological complexities of the feminine consciousness in a world that doesn’t always see nor hear women and in particular Black women,” says co-director and star Dawn L Troupe. “Her writing, which feels so relevant to today’s woke climate, delivers powerful depictions of women’s sacrifice as we work towards progress. Her words bring the listening audience into the inner and outer self, while wrestling with the mundane to the convoluted.”

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