Imogen (Shakespeare's Cymbeline)

2 April 2020 19:00 PM
The Hill School Sheila Johnson Center for the Performing Arts 130 South Madison St Middleburg VA


Shakespeare in the 'Burg presents Imogen (originally Cymbeline). Princess Imogen is catapulted onto an epic journey when her father, King Cymbeline, banishes her soulmate. Featuring a band of tough but lovable woodsmen, an evil queen, noble battles, and unexpected plot twists, this late Shakespearean play enchants audiences with a story about a powerful princess who will do anything for love. According to the ASC: the play he (Shakespeare) wrote is about the lionhearted young daughter of a king who defies the rules of class by marrying for love, has her world turned upside-down, both personally and politically, and gets a second chance at a future. Imogen is at the center of Shakespeare's play. Thats the play Shakespeare wrote. And we've given her top billing. Thursday, April 2, 7:00 pm performance, preceded by musical performances. At The Hill School's Sheila Johnson Center for the Performing Arts, 130 S. Madison Street, Middleburg, VA.

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