NVJFF 2018- Across the Line {e_name}amp;amp; Azimuth

25 October 2018 19:30 PM
Angelika Film Center {e_venue}amp;amp; Cafe at Mosaic 2911 District Avenue Fairfax VA


A pairing of two films - A short film entitled, 'Across the Line' followed by the feature-length film, 'Azimuth'. ACROSS THE LINE Nadav Shlomo Giladi | Comedy, Drama | 29 min | Israel | 2017 | Hebrew with English Subtitles Hananel, a young religious Jew, is hurrying home for Shabbat. An unexpected encounter with Mundir, an unwanted and stubborn Palestinian hitchhiker, leads Hananel on a series of mix-ups that eventually teaches him a lesson in communication, friendship and love. AZIMUTH Mike Burstyn | Action, War | 75 min | Israel | 2017 | Hebrew with English Subtitles The Six Day War, June 9th, 1967. An Israeli sergeant and an Egyptian soldier encounter each other in an abandoned UNEF post in the Sinai desert on the day after the Israeli/Egyptian cease fire. During an ensuing firefight both men get trapped in the abandoned post; the Israeli on the ground floor, the Egyptian on the upper. Outside stands the sergeants Jeep, awaiting the victor. Two soldiers, one goal: Survival!

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