Pie tasting and demo with Cathy Barrow

6 juin 2019 19:00
JCC NV 8900 Little River Turnpike Fairfax VA

La description

Thursday, June 6, 7pm Instead of crimping and meticulously rolling out a round crust, slab pies are an unfussy twist that are perfect for a potluck or dinner party or just a family dinner. Baked on sheet pans, Pinterests latest food trend, slab pies can easily serve a crowd of people dinner or dessert. Pie Squared includes seventy-five foolproof recipes. Tonight youll watch Cathy demonstrate making a sweet and creamy pie in time for Shavuot and enjoy a taste. A book signing of Pie Squared will follow the demonstration. Books will be sold at the event for $20, purchase in advance for a discounted price. Tickets: $18 Ticket with book: $36

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