A service that contributes to the local economy by highlighting, as much for residents as for visitors, the offers of shops and local services.

Let's Boost your online presence!

Let your clients interact with your business effortlessly.

You are constantly looking for new approaches to stand out. StoreView a solution that is contactless, environmentally friendly, reduces your printing costs, increases your revenue and creates a new experience for your customers.

What we can do for you?

Whether you need connectivity to show your menus, a new website or even e-commerce, we have the solution for you.

NFC tags require no app, just bring your phone close.

Simply open the camera app, aim at the QR code and open the page.

Text 'Menu' or 'site' to the number to receive the info you want.

Show your shop online

We create dynamic pages for your shop, store, professional service and more.

Each page contains:

  • Your business details
  • Pictures and/or video of your products/services
  • Links to your website and social networks

You need an online store too?

We can integrate it to your page, for free!

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Each person is unique.
Their experience should also be.

Perks and characteristics

A simple and efficient way to attract a greater public audience, wherever they are;
A potential to increase your revenues and the number of patrons;
A contact-less approach that does not require any download giving better experience to your customers;
An easy and user-friendly way to get feedback and shares from people visiting your establishment.

Here's Lucy

Your virtual guide

Picture a world where you can display your products and services right where your customers are, to both locals and tourists right from their hotel room or even an Airbnb!

That's what Spot&Go provides with Lucy

Lucy helps guide people to local business, attractions and amenities. You'll also appear in search results from Google, Bing, Yahoo and more!

Need to draw attention?

We provide an array of promotional display setups such as Beach flags. We also offer many exclusive solutions like stands for tablets and iPads.

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For hotels with 301 or more rooms please contact us directly at (514) 316-7655.


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USD $350.00 => One time set-up cost
USD $ 1430
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This monthly price is guaranteed for the next three years.

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