For cities, tourism and Economic development organisations

SpotEv create innovative solution for the cultural tourism sector. Residents be tourist in your city and tourist feel like a resident!

SpotEv's offer for your city / region

  • To be the gateway in discovering regions, cities, neighbourhoods, their residents, their colours, flavours and interconnecting their customers to local businesses within the local cultural agenda.
  • To promote urban living by bridging arts & culture with lodging, eating and shopping.

  • Meet Lucy! .
    An interactive approach.
    A virtual assistant for residents and tourist alike
    Lucy can suggest and make recommendations.
    Scalable interaction.
    Know about the trends and what people are searching for .
    A dashboard is offered to visualise analytics and more.
    A solution that is adaptable to your reality is real time and remotaly.
    Information of cities region accessible everywhere and at all time.
    Transparent and fun interaction in discovering your surroundings.
    Increasing local spending.

    A solution for cultural tourism and discovery

    Advantages of SpotEv

    All the Arts and culture activities are referenced automatically and in real time .

    No need for a team to manually enter every activities / events, everything happens automatically. Our technology allows us to automatically aggregate all the arts and culture activities and events of your area and showcase them all to a wider and receptive audience for them to discover your offering.

    To boost the local economy and in order to develop the local discovery of your area. We interconnect within the cultural experience the local retail shops, restaurants, hotels and their clientele to the local cultural agenda

    In order to develop local consumption in your area, we offer a selection of restaurants, bars and hotels in nearby of each event.

    Our wide range of services helps boost your local market.

    Thanks to a comprehensive offer, we provide an optimal user experience.

    Your cultural program is easily accessible to a wide audience

    Experience has shown us, people no longer want to search. They prefer receiving suggestions.

  • Spot&Go was created to make certain the public could find their desired activities / events and things to do around them in a seamless manner.
  • Finding things to do around you is now, contact less, frictionless and intuitive.
  • Interactions with our Spot&Go signs is done using technologies integrated within our smartphones.
  • Spot&Go is a continuous communication channel with the public and adaptable in real time.
  • All features of Spot&Go can be personalised and / or modifiable in real time.
  • Discovering a region as never been so simple, fun and always available when needed.
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    Imagine you can now put all your regions offering, special activities and much more readily available for the residents and tourist visiting and easily accessible in public areas, hotel rooms, and even in restaurants for example.

    This is what Spot & Go brings with Lucie!

    • Lucy is a chatbot there to assist you in discovering the region
    • Lucy, can even make suggestions and recommendations based on your preferences.
    • Lucy will assist in showing the local activities and businesses for the pleasure of tourist and residents.

    Features and promoted

    We provide rich and comprehensive information on all the artists, events and venues to help the public discover the GEMS of your region .By highlighting the artists and events to be promoted, the cultural interest and visibility for your city is increased. This is also done for the restaurants, retail shops and hotels available on our system.

    Let’s boost you regions online presence!

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    We offer a range of display solutions for promotions such as; of flags, 'Beach flags'. We also offer several exclusive solutions such supports for tablets and Ipad, as well as our balloons with screens and we have the widest range of nomadic solutions in Canada. While it is for give more visibility to your visitors or to better inform them you make a big impact and be talked about.

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