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A service that gives you the ability to create a unique and engaging experience for your visitors.

Reach your objectives, increase satisfaction and improve your visitors' experience.
Our mission and responsability

Knowledge of the trends and preferences of your visitors

We raise your reach toward your visitors to enable you to increase their satisfaction and attain your objectives.

pour Hôtel

NFC tags require no app, just bring your phone close.

Simply open the camera app, aim at the QR code and open the page.

Text 'Menu' or 'site' to the number to receive the info you want.

Your hotel cannot control what gets suggested to your visitors when they use common search engins. Now you'll be able to control and fine tune their suggestions, room by room, and visualize the trends and behaviors of your visitors.

Imagine a world where you can provide your visitors with a guide that's always available from anywhere, to help them find the best services from your hotel and touristic spots.

How can we make their stay even more pleasant?

Perks and characteristics

A permanent access to our touristic guide from any type of device

A simple and effective way to get to know your guests

An affordable concierge assistance service to maintain contact with your guests

Cast a wider net to potentially generate more revenues from new markets

Gather user feedback at all time, from anywhere

Enabling you to adapt rapidly

Engage with your users

Create a community for your visitors

Plans tailored to you

The virtual concierge assistant that engages with visitors to boost revenues.

How many rooms in your hotel?

Your price is determined using the number of rooms.

Choose your plan:

For hotels with 301 or more rooms please contact us directly at (514) 316-7655.


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Need information displays?

We offer information kiosks and many more solutions to advise your visitors.

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