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Offer a personalized and local experience for each of your guests.

Spot&Go is a smart decor item placed inside the rooms that interact with any smartphone and suggests personalized activities based on each guest's preferences.

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Each guest is different.
Their local experience also has to be.

Within seconds, our chat bot Lucie builds a selection of little gems of the city, cultural events, outdoor activities, restaurants, and coffee shops nearby, matching the guest's preferences.

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How Does It Work?

1. The guest taps her smartphone on Spot&Go.

2. Our Chatbot Lucy shows up and ask the guest few questions to know her preferences.

3. Within seconds, Lucy suggests to your guest a list of cultural and outdoors activities to do as well as local places, restaurants, pubs and coffe shops to discover!

Benefits of Spot&Go

- Funny and effortless new way to discover activities and places nearby.

- Tailor-made experience based on your guest's preferences and taste.

- Modern design item that easily fit in the decor of any accommodation.

- Innovative way to avoid bad reviews by addressing any problem a guest might have while staying in your place.

- All in one experience to connect at a higher level with a guest.

- Amazing opportunity to share your listing in your guest's network.

- A unique tool to differentiate yourself from the competition.

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