Hey, I'm Lucy. Feel free to talk to me in english. I will try my best to assist you!

Welcome to Spot&Go

How it works

  • It’s simple and no necessary download needed
  • Approach your smartphone to a Spot&Go signs
  • Start a conversation with Lucy and …
  • Let Lucy assist you, in recommending or suggesting things neighbouring you
  • Now, enjoy the discovery!
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Who it helps

  • Are you a restaurants / pubs, retail shop, boutique, neighbourhood service or an hotel, an inn and B&B.
  • Imagine a world where you can make all your business products and promotional offers visible and accessible to a greater public and tourists audiences visiting the city
  • Lucy helps the public and tourists by proposing a selection of cultural activities and proximity businesses according to their tastes and preferences.
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Features and benefits

  • Opportunity to touch new revenues streams;
  • Contactless - frictionless and searchless system;
  • Effortless and effective;
  • All-time access;
  • Easy and friendly
  • A plug and play system;
  • A multi-language system.

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How events benefit you

  • We are convinced that culture is the best gateway to discovering cities and regions, its people, its colours and flavors.
  • Indeed, the arts and culture remain a lever of attraction to bring visitors to a city or region, therefore a safeguard of the economic activity and the vitality of a territory.
  • This one of the reasons to have incorporated local shops, restaurants, hotels and their clienteles in the arts and culture experience.
  • Therefore, we participate in the promotion and revitalization of the cultural offer digitally which allows a virtual deconfinement, and this, thanks to the discoverability of the content.

Join the adventure!

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