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How it works

  • It’s simple and no necessary download needed
  • Approach your smartphone to a Spot&Go signs
  • Start a conversation with Lucy and …
  • Let Lucy assist you, in recommending or suggesting things neighbouring you
  • Now, enjoy the discovery!
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Who it helps

  • You are:
  • The owner of a restaurant/pub, retail shop, boutique, neighbourhood service or an hotel, an inn and B&B.
  • We offer:
  • Visibility for your products, offers and services to a clientele extended to visitors and tourists to your city.
  • Lucie will integrate your activities with those of your environment, in her proposals according to the tastes and colors of the audience.
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Features and benefits

  • New opportunities and new sources of income;
  • A multilingual, efficient contactless and frictionless search system;
  • Permanent access to all activities;
  • Easy-to-use features thanks to a plug-and-play system;

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« The cultural conserves and culture cultivates. »
Bernard Lubat

  • Because we remain certain that the arts and culture are the best gateway to discovering the habits and customs of cities and regions and that in addition, they constitute a lever of attraction for cultural tourism and also for the economic activity and for the vitality of a territory, that we integrate the shops, the restaurants, the hotels and their customers in the artistic and cultural experience.
  • In this way, we take part in the promotion and revitalization of the cultural offer through digital technology which, moreover, allows virtual deconfinement thanks to the flexibility of distribution.

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