Air-Som / Centre Prisme

AIR-SOM / Center Prisme is the result of a long period of consultation that began in 1988, culminating in the establishment of the Center in December 1991. A working committee on immigration in LaSalle created this autonomous community organization. Participants included: The Sault Saint-Louis School Board, the Center de Travail-Québec, the Local Community Service Center (CLSC), the Community Psychiatry Center at Douglas Hospital, ACEF Southwest, the Youth Consultation Offices, External Service Manpower, Relay and Latin American Community in LaSalle. Since its establishment, the Center offers reception and referral services, sociolinguistic integration, early childhood services, housing search assistance and a job integration support service. Our mission Provide education and support services to immigrants and refugees in need, including language and labor market adjustment courses, translation services, a drop-in center, a tax clinic and information programs on Canadian culture and life in Canada.

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