AU VIEUX DULUTH Centre Eaton - Niveau Tunnel

Grilled meats are a specialty to discover in our Au Vieux Duluth Express stores established in Quebec for nearly 10 years. Our freshly marinated chicken, our perfectly grilled kebabs, and our selection of grilled chicken and beef are just some of the delicious foods available in our stores. Our garlic shrimp and a wide variety of salads will soon make you hungry. The reputation of the Old Duluth Express is well established. Its generous portions and high standard of quality and service will meet your expectations. Enjoy our gyro sandwiches, either on pita bread or wraps, always freshly prepared, served with a crisp salad or accompanied by delicious French fries.
705, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest Montréal, QC, CA
(514) 840-5743
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