BASHA Place Montréal Trust - 1-Jardin

It all started with one man, Mr. Issa, winner of the Beirut and London Hotel School. Chef Issa was born in Lebanon and left his native country at a young age in search of a bright future. THE BASHA THAT YOU ARE Basha (or Pasha, in French) is a Turkish work (pasha) of Persian origin (Padshah or Padeshah) which means king. The Turks used to use this term to signify and define a high rank in the political system of the Ottoman Empire especially reserved for governors or generals. Pasha was also an honorary title, the equivalent of "Monseigneur". Originally exclusively for commanders, the title was later used to distinguish any senior official or other person whom the court had decided to honor. This is how we view our customers in Basha restaurants.

BASHA Place Montréal Trust - 1-Jardin

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1500, avenue McGill College, Montréal
QC, H3A 3J5

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